TM - Total Body Calorie Blast

Total Body Calorie Blast - Instant Video Access

This workout video is one of the companion video’s to go with Tracey Mallett’s book Sexy in 6.

This program features cardio and mind-body 6-Minute Blasts. The Cardio Blasts use interval training to turn your body into a metabolism-burning, calorie-crunching machine.

The mind Body Blasts fuse Pilates and Yoga-inspired moves to lean out that physique, and for 6-Pack Abs, try the Quick ABS Blast. You can pick and choose how many 6 minute sections you have time for or do Tracey’s suggested daily combinations.

Bonus features include Tracey’s Healthy Eating Tips and The Journey of Team Mallett. Watch real women do the workout who have personally lost weight doing this program. Approximately 66 minutes total length

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