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    PilatesBarreOnDemand was created by celebrity fitness expert Tracey Mallett, also known as the “Pilates Barre Queen” and the creator of the global brand bootybarre. Enjoy fun and safely designed exercises that are all about correct alignment and intelligent movement—brought directly to your home. Tracey will guide you to the next level and help you get the body you want with her decades of experience in at-home video workouts using her signature fusion fitness. Pilates, Barre, HIIT, and Cardio Fusion workouts will energize and redefine your body!

    Don’t just take our word for it, read these fabulous women’s real-life stories

    I work out routinely to Tracey's videos and have found amazing success with bootybarre and her fusion workouts. With Tracey's guidance, I've been able to maintain flexibility into my 40s. Her detailed instruction has perfected my form, and helped me incorporate cross-training routines between regular weight lifting. I 100% attribute achieving and maintaining long, lean ballet muscles and a rock solid core thanks to her amazing workouts. Thank you Tracey!

    Dr. Pauline Haugen, founder of ProGlow Protein, Seattle

    Tracey’s energy is encouraging! She taught me how to use the muscles instead of the joints therefore, lessen my knee & back pain. I was amazed at the strength & endurance I gained. The workouts are fun, low impact & time saving! A total body workout of cardio, toning & Pilates “fused” together! Streaming is convenient anytime, anywhere, “on-the-go”! I refer everyone to Tracey’s online options because of her detailed breakdown of alignment. In my 40s, Tracey continues to build & challenge my new Pilates/barre body. In total I’m down 70 lbs & now a size 6 with real hard-earned results. Tracey’s online encouragement has been the base & drive of my new lifestyle.

    Wendy Darlin-Good, Central Arkansas, USA

    As a Pilates teacher & personal trainer, I’m often working during the times when most people are working out. However, since my work schedule does not allow me to attend regular classes, I need to work out at home when it is convenient for me. Tracey Mallett's Pilates and barre workouts have saved me! With her videos, my body is challenged without getting the beatings it once used to get in gym weight training classes. My body changed like never before once I started doing Tracey’s workouts. The attention to safety and form of her methods have kept my arms, abs, and "booty" toned and my energy level high. In addition, the workouts are fun and never, ever boring!

    Melissa Sherbondy

    I’m so excited! Tracey’s workouts keep me going here in the North Dakota especially in winters when I can’t leave the house. They helped me get back into shape post baby when I had lost a lot of strength due to a hard pregnancy and emergency C-section. I seriously don’t know what I would’ve done without the streaming videos because the closest gym was over an hour away. The workouts truly saved me and helped to naturally correct my thyroid. I’m just so happy with how my back, abs and booty look after doing the barre workouts for so long. It’s AMAZING, truly thankful I feel back to my pre-pregnancy self and even better!

    Samantha Merriman-Kershisnik, North Dakota

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